Touristic programming for your business

  • bytex - Roadbook

    Automatically created roadbooks for your passengers. Offer premium information without additional work for your agents.

    Your individual roadbook is just one click away.

  • Manage your day

    Use drag and drop in the chronological overview. Move between locations and select out of your local services.

    Get availabilities, create amazing days and receive automatic created timing for your target group.

The software by bytediscover starts with the core needs of a DMC: The Itinerary!

Create easy and intuitive tours with only a few clicks. Receive automatically created documents for your passengers and for the booking and reservations process. Create rooming lists, transport overviews and important statistics.

Save a lot of time with bytex.

bytex as your advantage in business


  • bytex – built your trip express

    Created for the needs of an incoming agency bytex is the only solution which can support the main steps of your processes. You can link local excursions, hotels and meals with routes.

    Itineraries are created with only a few clicks. 

    In addition you can organize your passengers, find out about trends with own statistics and create premium travel documents.

  • bytex – map view

    All services in one map with all the advantages of our software. Optimize your itinerary during the creation. Consider the best routes and create incredible experiences for your passengers.

    Involve passengers and tour operators in the process. Give them access to the system and use the integrated ticket system to communicate.

  • bytex – expert view

    You are expert of your country and you know the locations of all hotels and excursions. Use the expert view to safe significant working time by the profit of easy handling and the local knowledge of the system.

    Receive only the next services that fit perfect to your current base. No more searching through your whole portfolio.

How bytex can improve your business

Key factors of our software

Save significant working time

Speed up the creation of itineraries
and have no more work with offers –
from now on they are automatically created

Higher quality of information and design

Offer more information for your passengers with less work. Have individual templates with content automatically compiled.

Easy and intuitive handling

Use drag and drop and find all possibilities within the system by yourself. You will be perfectly fit after 2 x 2 hour training session.

Security - No publishing of your data

No one has access to your data. You don’t have to publish anything and access for clients is only for limited areas.

Better overview with personalized maps

Have individual, but automatically created maps for all of your travel documents.

Economic monthly fee

There is no big investment needed. A monthly fee will cover the main functions of the system.

Find all your processes in one system

  • operation

    Find all your processes in one system. Book your passengers on a tour and create the room layout. Receive automatic created rooming lists for all hotels and have an overview of the current base of all tours.

    In the operation part you will also find all your transports. Use the cloud application for your documents and share it with your colleagues. With the internal ticket system you can pass over parts of your projects and you will get a message, if you need to work on special topics.

  • templating

    Automatically created documents are the core advantage of our system. Receive all documents with one click in your individual template. Based on your CI we create your documents. You can also use different templates for different clients.

    In the automatic created part you can define the size and format of your pictures and texts. Use static parts for general information or have free areas for individual texts.

  • reporting

    Use the reports for a statistic overview. Besides statistics of the occupancy of hotels and excursions, you also have the possibility to see customers and their locations by current dates. You can get reports of missing data or see the current base of your transports.

    In cooperation with our clients we are constantly working on new features and reports to improve the processes.   

Once started, you cannot live without it

  • bytex – how to start

    You are interested and want to start with your own bytex? After a short introduction you can try by yourself in a test system or we can set up a demo system just for you. Fill in your data and see how fast you can create itineraries with all kinds of travel document.

    Everything you added to the evaluation platform will be ready to use once you signed the contract.

Only together we can create the future

You have any questions? - Feel free to contact us:

Christian Herrmann


As founder and director of ByteDiscover Christian is the expert of possible updates and connections for our programs. Tell him your tasks to be solved. If someone can find a solution it is Christian.

Yannick Slowig

IT-Support & Customer Care

Our man for the online presentations is Yannick. With his IT-knowledge he can help you out of problems. Also for updates and tutorials he will be the one who has always an open ear for you needs.

If you’re interested in our work, please get in touch!

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